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                            Nantong China Merchants Bank Housing Mortgage Loan

China Merchants Bank - Housing Mortgage Loan

China Merchants Bank Nantong Branch
 No limit, the city has another7Home banks still provide home mortgage loans.Click to view
Commercial loan amount
Ten thousand yuan
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Commercial interest rate
Loan term
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Application conditions
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Age requirements: up to 20 years;
Mortgage located area: Nantong;
Type of collateral: residential, villa, retail.
materials needed
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                    1, ID card, marriage certificate
2. Proof of address [at least one of them]:
Bills for water, electricity, gas, telephone or property management
3. Proof of income [at least one of them]:
Salary certificate / bank flow / income tax bill / social security record / other income certificate
4. Proof of use:
Provide corresponding purchase contract
Repayment instructionsEarly repayment calculator
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Early repayment: early repayment, no penalty for payment
Repayment method: installment repayment
Can repay in advance without paying liquidated damages
                    Mortgage loan question and answer
  • problem:
  • Reply:
    2 to 3 weeks have the approval result clear interest rate, amount. Then go to the trading center to transfer, the name of the certificate is changed to 5 to 7 working days after the lender.
  • problem:
  • Reply:
    Yes, the third party can be the borrower and the real estate owner can act as the mortgagor. You can also apply for an unsecured bank loan if you have a property.
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