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SME liquidity loan

Mortgage property

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                                                                    Monthly comprehensive rate:Negotiable

100,000 yuan - 50 million yuan


Handling person:Manager Chen

China Merchants Bank

Flat --

Loan notice

Features To solve the problem of “financing difficulties” for SMEs, it is mainly for small and medium-sized enterprises in the main urban areas of Hangzhou and Yuhang, to meet the temporary and seasonal funding gaps in the production and operation of SMEs, and to ensure the normal operation of production and operation activities.

Application conditions The credit conditions are flexible and convenient, and can be secured by assets, third-party enterprise or personal guarantee, or comprehensive three-way guarantee.

Application requirements: Enterprises that are operating normally in the main city of Hangzhou or Yuhang District, or individuals with legitimate occupations, can apply without any bad credit records.

Credit requirements:

Liability requirements: Individual or corporate liabilities do not exceed 60% of the household or corporate asset-liability ratio.


Interest rate explanation: The interest rate is controlled within 1 to 7. The company is operating its own funds, so there is no formal fee in the middle.

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