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Water and electricity

Guarantee is required

Guarantee service

                                                                    Monthly comprehensive rate:1%~1.5%

100,000 yuan - 30 million yuan

December-60 months

Handling person:Manager Chen

China Merchants Bank

Flat --

Loan notice

Features The loan guarantee method is flexible, the loan time is fast, and one credit can be used continuously for five years and the period is long. It is suitable for the liquidity needs of the majority of SMEs in production and operation.

Application conditions If the annual sales of the enterprise is not less than 3 million yuan, you can apply for a loan.

Application requirements: The borrower's personal credit history needs to be good.

Credit requirements:

Liability requirements: The net worth of the family is more than 200,000.



materials needed 1, ID card 2, work certificate 3, proof of address 4, proof of income

Interest rate statement The interest rate needs to be determined according to the qualification of the borrower.




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