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                            Nanchang China Merchants Bank Housing Mortgage Loan

China Merchants Bank - Home Mortgage Loan

China Merchants Bank Nanchang Branch
Loan time:
7 days for approval and 7 days for loan
Suitable area:
Loan qualification test

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Property Type Number of sets Common approved interest rate Lowest interest rate Maximum interest rate Down payment ratio
Residential First suite 1.15 times(5.64%) 1.15 times (5.64%) 1.2 times (5.88%) 30% down payment
Residential Second suite 1.25 times(6.13%) 1.25 times(6.13%) 1.35 times (6.62%) 50% down payment
Commercial Unlimited number of sets 1.15 times(5.64%) 1.1 times(5.39%) 1.2 times (5.88%) 50% down payment
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Commercial loan amount
Ten thousand yuan
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Application conditions
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Age requirement: 18 years old - 60 years old;
Age limit; second-hand housing is up to 20 years old;
Household registration requirements: Nanchang (if Nanchang local household registration needs to pay more than 13 months of social security).
materials needed
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                    1. Second generation ID card
2. Household registration book
3. Marriage certificate (marriage certificate, divorce certificate, unmarried certificate issued by the Civil Affairs Bureau)
4. Borrower's household registration certificate (home registration book or other valid residence certificate, foreign household registration must provide local continuous payment for 13 months)
5. Borrower's economic income certificate and professional certificate
6. Purchase contract;
7. Down payment voucher;
8. Income flow in the past 3 months.
Repayment instructionsEarly repayment calculator
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Early repayment: The loan can be repaid in advance after half a year, without paying liquidated damages.
                    Mortgage loan question and answer
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    2 to 3 weeks have the approval result clear interest rate, amount. Then go to the trading center to transfer, the name of the certificate is changed to 5 to 7 working days after the lender.
  • problem:
  • Reply:
    Yes, the third party can be the borrower and the real estate owner can act as the mortgagor. You can also apply for an unsecured bank loan if you have a property.
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