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Huayu, borrowing, and Jingdong white bars owe tens of thousands of loans. Will the loan not go to jail?

Time: 2017-09-23         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Lin Xiu

Recently, I received a message from 360 Xiaobian. This buddy is very interesting. I don’t have any stable income. I have a girlfriend who loves spending money. There are more than 20,000 owed on Alipay white, Jingdong white strip. The money is not returned, I feel that I have no ability to repay, and I am not going to jail in the consultation of 360 Xiaobian.

It’s hard to say that you can’t sit in jail, but Rong 360’s sincere suggest that he still has friends with similar experiences with him, don’t play such a small calculation. The consequences of arrears are still very serious.

First, calculate the penalty

Whether you apply for a loan overdue in Huayu, Lianyi, Jingdong Baizhi, Micro-credit or other Internet small loans, there will be overdue fines.

Taking Huayuan as an example, the overdue fee is calculated according to the overdue amount of five tenths of a day. For a chestnut, you owe 10,000 yuan on the flower buds, and a penalty of 5 yuan will be generated in one day. The longer the time, the penalty interest. more. To be honest, interest plus penalty interest is quite scary.

2. Overdue records are reported to the central bank for credit reporting

Although the application for flower and loan is mainly to check your sesame credit, Jingdong White Bar refers to your small white credit, but once the overdue period occurs and the time exceeds the tolerance of the platform, then your loan overdue record is very likely Will report to the central bank for credit. Although Rong 360 Xiaobian (luxiaodai360) can not give a clear time, overdue a few days, credit will spend, but the style of Alipay and Jingdong resolutely popular, can not be underestimated.

Third, encounter collection

Someone broke the news on the Internet before, saying that his friend’s debt on the flower bed was overdue, but because the contact filled her mobile phone number, she received the call of the flower bed innocently.

Coincidentally, Jingdong white strip users have also had similar news.

Collection is the main means for small loan companies to recover their arrears. It is not appropriate to discuss how to find the borrowers’ friends and family to collect this method, but obviously, whether you or a friend receives the call, work and life. The rhythm must be disrupted.

Fourth, there may be a lawsuit

Don't think that arrears are not trivial, and it is not a big deal to collect calls. If you don't pay back your long-term arrears, you may be sued to the court. It is the one that the netizen consulted at the beginning, and it is possible to go to jail.

Before, Chutian Jinbao reported similar incidents. Some netizens were not prosecuted because of the arrears of white articles. The flower garden has also had such precedents. Therefore, friends who borrow money from their backs should not be lucky.

5. The difficulty of the loan will increase in the future.

If the flowers and white bars are not repaid, the amount of the loan on your platform will be cleared immediately. If the flower is overdue, the sesame credit will be returned to the liberation, not to mention 600 points. Keeping three or five hundred is kind.

And because it is possible to report to the central bank for credit, if you want to go to the bank to apply for mortgage, car loan, credit card or something, there will be such overdue records, and the loan will be affected.

In the 360 ​​small series summary, anyway, third-party credit information and big data are also very powerful, and it is almost impossible to successfully evade the arrears. There is a loan in the body, or repay it! In the future, you will know the usefulness of "good credit."

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