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China Merchants Bank Credit Card Overdue Repayment

Time: 2016-10-31         Source: Unknown         Author: Li Yong

The calculation method of the minimum repayment amount for each period of bill is as follows:

Minimum repayment amount = all general transactions in the credit card account + all unsettled instalment transaction period amount in the account + the last period of the minimum repayment amount not paid off + the total amount + cost + interest used in excess of the account credit line. But if even the minimum repayment amount is not returned, thenChina Merchants Bank Credit CardBank Center Credit Card CenterCredit card applicationThe late payment fee will be charged. The CMB website pointed out that if the cardholder fails to pay off the minimum repayment amount of the previous bill before the due date, the corresponding late payment fee will be calculated according to the “China Merchants Bank Credit Card Regulations”. The late payment fee is calculated as the minimum amount of the minimum repayment amount, and the minimum charge is 10 yuan or 1 US dollar. At the same time, the bank will charge the interest of 5 parts per day for the entire bill. First, it will affect your credit history. Will affectCredit card withdrawalIt will also affect the later loans.

Let's calculate the overdue fee of the credit card.

The amount is the late payment fee of the amount of the bill * the interest of 5 per thousand per day * days

The time for the China Merchants Bank Credit Card and the People's Bank to synchronize the cardholder's repayment information is generally around the billing date of each period. This means that if you repay a certain period of time in a certain period of time, although it will definitely leave a bad record in the China Merchants Bank's own system, it will be a bankruptcy installment, and will generate a late fee, but as long as the next credit card bill is enough Arrears will not be recorded in the personal credit information inquiry system of the People’s Bank of China. Many people think that their credit card is overdue. The first thing that should come to mind is to cancel the credit card. This kind of thinking is completely wrong. Although you have written off your credit card, your bad record due to overdue payment still exists. In fact, the best way is to continue to use this card, keep a good repayment record, and cover the original with a new repayment record. There are negative records, which usually generate new credit records after 24 months, so that there will be no adverse impact on credit behavior.

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