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What are the conditions for a Taobao loan?

Time: 2015-01-27         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Li Zhijie

Today, Xiao Bian saw on the 360 ​​question and answer platform that many people are asking how to loan Taobao loans? What materials are needed? Since someone asked, how can Xiaobian not care? Today, Xiaobian is here to give everyone a good idea about what conditions are needed for Taobao loans?

There are two types of Taobao loans on the official website, one is an order loan, and the other isCredit Loans. Whether you want to apply for an order loan or want to apply for a credit loan, you must first satisfy your identity as a Taobao seller. The following small series will tell you about how to order loans and credit loans? What are the conditions to be met?

Taobao order loan is a kind ofMortgageThe seller uses the buyer of the shipped order to make a mortgage and make a loan. Since after the seller sells the product, it takes several days to get the buyer to pay, and the flow of funds remains unchanged, so the Taobao order loan is a very convenient fund solution.

  In order to successfully apply for a Taobao order loan, you need to have the following conditions:

1) Taobao sellers who are 18 years old and have full civil capacity;

2) Taobao stores have been operating effectively for the last 2 months and have effective trading volume every month;

3) Honest and trustworthy, the store has a good credit history.

  The application process for the order loan is:

1) Fill in the loan information: In this step, you can choose whether you need automatic loan according to your needs. After completing all the personal information, go to the next step.

A. Do not check "Automatically apply for a loan": that is, only apply this time.

B. Check “Automatically apply for a loan”: that is, you choose to apply for a loan automatically. In the next 60 days, you will be asked to apply for a loan every day (based on the results of the system review on the day).

2) Confirm the loan content: In this step, you can refer to the maximum loan amount displayed on the page and enter the amount of funds that you actually need. After confirming the loan contract and entering the Alipay password, the funds will be approved by Taobao for 3 minutes. It will be distributed to your Alipay account.

Next, Xiaobian saidTaobao Credit Loan. Credit loans do not need to be mortgaged, no guarantees are required, and the owner's credit is used to obtain loans. The owner does not need to provide any refusal. The credit rating of the store owner is a credit evaluation of the loan, not the Taobao transaction credit or star diamond rating.

  The application conditions for credit loans are as follows:

1) Taobao shop has been operating effectively for the last 6 months, with effective trading volume every month and good business conditions;

2) Honest and trustworthy, the store has a good credit history;

3) The shop registrant is 18-65 years old and has full civil capacity.

  The credit loan application process is:

Enter me is the seller-store management-Taobao loan, click this credit loan to enter, enter the loan page, click the apply loan button:

1) Fill in the personal information: When you apply for the first time, you need to fill in all the information. The personal information page has the function of automatic saving. You don't need to re-fill when you apply for the loan again.

2) Fill in the loan amount and the application period;

3) Determine the loan.

After reading the instructions of Xiaobian, will you apply for the parents who want to apply for the Taobao loan? If you still can't apply, Xiaobian, I am crying, write this article in white. In this small series, I would like to remind you all, if you can't successfully apply for a Taobao loan, you can try to apply for an unsecured personal business loan.

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