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Beijing points settled in the calculator

Graphical Beijing Credit Settlement Method,10 ways to ask you to increase the score             Click here to calculate your points

Participation in the settlement of the points should also meet the following conditions

                    (1) Holding a residence permit in Beijing
                    (2) The age is not more than 45 years old
                    (3) Continuous payment of social insurance in Beijing for 7 years and above
                    (4) Comply with the city's family planning policy
                    (5) No criminal record

Legally stable employment indicators

                    Legal and stable employment means signing a formal labor contract with a employer in Beijing and working continuously for one year or more, or investing in a business in Beijing and operating continuously for one year or more.                     Or register as an individual industrial and commercial household in Beijing and continue to operate for one year or more. The continuous payment of social security years is the scoring standard for legal and stable employment years, and each successive payment of social security has accumulated 3 points for one year.

Legally stable housing indicator

                    Legally stable residence refers to the self-owned residence that obtains the city's housing ownership certificate; the official rental contract is signed, and the legal rental housing is in compliance with the relevant regulations such as registration and filing, and tax payment according to law;                     A dormitory with legal property rights provided by the employer. Applicants are required to live continuously for 1 year or more. 1 point for each consecutive residence in a self-owned property house,                     In a legally rented house and a unit dormitory, each consecutive residence has a total of 0.5 points. When the continuous residence period is more than the social security period, the social security period is continuously paid as the continuous residence period.

Educational background indicator

                    Educational background indicator                     Applicants who have obtained the National Education Series and the domestic and foreign qualifications (degrees) recognized by the Ministry of Education will receive corresponding points. The specific points are: 9 points for college (including higher vocational).                     Undergraduate 15 points, 27 masters, 39 doctors. The qualification of the qualification is based on the highest-level qualification of the full-time applicant, which is not cumulative. Receive multiple full-time master's or doctoral degrees,                     On the basis of the highest academic score, each additional master's degree is awarded 3 points; each additional one is awarded a doctoral degree, plus 6 points.

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