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China Merchants Bank Personal Study Loan

China Merchants BankpersonalStudy abroad loan

[product definition]

China Merchants Bank provides you with a personal study loan, which not only can pay tuition and living expenses during your study abroad, but also can be used as a means of proof of the Study Abroad Loan Notice, Loan Certificate and Deposit Certificate issued by the bank. The proof of funds for studying abroad visas solves the urgent need to make the dream of studying abroad come true.

【feature of product】

· A wide range of loans

The borrower may be an international student or a relative of an international student.

·Multiple guarantee methods

Available property mortgage, or savingsTime depositNational debt, trusteeshipFinancial productWait for a pledge to make a loan.

·Loan recycling

The revolving credit function can be activated and the loan amount can be recycled.

· Easy to handle

The procedures are simple, and all the outlets of China Merchants Bank can be accepted.

[Loan Process]

Apply for the ID card and the applicant's "Admission Notice" and other supporting materials to the various branches of China Merchants Bank.