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How does China Merchants Bank credit card buy cars in installments?

Credit card loanBuying a car is a credit loan, there is no need to guarantee the mortgage, and the process is simpler.

The cardholder needs to provide a credit card and personal identification during the valid period. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the credit card has no bad records in the past. It is best to have a good credit card and repayment record.

Some banks will also require applicants to have a stable job or income.

If the cardholder has not yet applied for the bank’s credit card, it can alsoApply for a credit cardIf you borrow a loan to buy a car, the bank will issue a credit card to the cardholder along with the business.

specific process

1. You can call the bank customer service phone first to check whether you can participate in the credit card loan buying business and how much the exclusive car purchase amount can be approved;

2. The cardholder applies for a valid ID card to the designated dealer store to apply for the purchase of the car in installments;

3. The cardholder determines the purchased vehicle, fills in the order form, and submits it to the bank and the bank for verification;

4. After the car purchase qualification is approved, the cardholder pays the down payment (usually cannot be used)Credit card limitPay), and apply for the card, insurance, mortgage (some customers can be exempted from mortgage, and ultimately the result of the audit);

5. The bank will conduct a loan review in the background, and the cardholder will pick up the car after completing the loan procedure.

China Merchants BankCredit card installment fee

12 issues - 5.5%

24 issues - 10.5%

36 issues - 14.5%