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CITIC strength

Qingdao CITIC Power Investment Management Co., Ltd. was established in April 2011 with a registered capital of 10,000 yuan. The platform's high-quality and efficient service extends to the whole process of pre-sale, sale and after-sales. CITIC strength uses the advantages of the Internet to build an Internet financing platform to provide efficient, high-quality and fast service for the majority of investment and financing customers.

CITIC strength P2P

Qingdao CITIC Strength Investment Management Co., Ltd. is located in the third floor of No. 24, Qutangxia Road, Shinan District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province. It was established in April 2011 with a registered capital of 10,000 yuan and legal representative Yin Yong. The type of company is a limited liability company (natural person investment or holding).

Qingdao CITIC Strength Investment Management Co., Ltd. firmly believes that service quality is equal to product quality, comprehensively standardizes and reflects comprehensive, fast, proactive and timely service features, so that high-quality and efficient services are extended to the whole process of pre-sale, sale and after-sale.

Qingdao CITIC Strength Investment Management Co., Ltd. has strong economic, technical and management strength. Since its establishment, it has absorbed and learned from the advanced experience of domestic and foreign industrial and trading enterprises, adhering to the concept of "honesty, sunshine operation" and abide by the strict Management, service, and brand-building business philosophy, based on the development of the company to provide quality services to customers, and constantly strive to improve customer value, provide personalized services, and strengthen quality management. Market-oriented, people-oriented, faith-based, brand-based efficiency, innovation and development, so that enterprises steadily grow and develop.

How is CITIC's strength?

1. Investment and financial management

Specializing in Internet finance business, starting from 100 yuan, with low investment risk, suitable for the public, the highest annualized income of 12%

2, strong flexibility

The investment and wealth management users can flexibly choose the term and amount of the wealth management project, and can choose the creditor's rights transfer when the funds are urgently needed.

3. Security

Cooperate with a number of large third-party guarantee institutions, secure and trusted third-party payment to ensure the safety of funds.

Is CITIC strength safe?

Pre-lending review:

After the client makes a loan application, the p2p credit system analyzes the customer's basic information. Conduct detailed and careful investigations through the Internet, telephone and other effective channels that can be mastered. Avoid the risk of fraud by bad customers. After the verification of the information information is completed, the evaluation is carried out according to the personal credit risk analysis system, and the result is approved by the experienced loan reviewer after double audit confirmation.

Credit review:

The loan reviewer will monitor the validity period of the customer information in the loan, the data attributes and the customer's repayment status in real time, and update the customer information changes. Maintaining a smooth connection with customers and avoiding the loss of contact leads to risk of borrowing. Transfer the abnormal customer to the post-loan management system.

Post-loan management:

If the user fails to return the loan within the time limit, the post-loan management department will remind the user to repay the loan by SMS or telephone. If the user has not returned the current loan within 5 days, p2p credit will contact the emergency contact of the user. Immediate family members, units, etc. urge users to repay as soon as possible. If the user still has not repaid, the professional senior collection team will cooperate with the third-party professional agencies to carry out a series of collection work including door-to-door, until legal means are taken.

Risk protection money:

When the borrower of the financial planner (lender) is seriously overdue (ie overdue for more than 30 days), the p2p credit system will advance the remaining lending principal or principal and interest of the loan to the financial planer (depending on the type of investment target) The specific advance payment rules shall prevail), thus creating a safe investment environment for financial planners and ensuring the investor's principal security. The above information comes from the official website. For details, please click on the official website for enquiry.

CITIC Strength Registration

1. Go to the p2p credit homepage and click the “Free registration” button in the upper right corner.

2. According to the prompt information, fill in the registered email address and password, and click “Free Registration”.

3. The registered email address is the user's username, which is the only channel for receiving subsequent messages and bills in the station. After registration, this email address cannot be modified.


The information comes from the platform's official website. The 360 ​​does not make investment advice. The market is risky and investment needs to be cautious.