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Fall in love with credit

Love Loan is an Internet financial service platform wholly-owned by Hubei Lianzhong Zhiheng Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. It has a professional team that is proficient in financial management, Internet technology and policies and regulations, and is committed to providing personal, corporate and institutional clients. A full range of investment and financing services.

Fall in love with the official website

Love Loan ( is positioned in the whole industry chain finance, featuring industrial chain network finance, and the Internet financial cloud platform based on small and medium-sized enterprises and personal online financial services, aimed at investors and financiers. Establish a win-win platform for fund docking and project cooperation; provide risk control, high return and diversified wealth management channels for social idle funds; provide professional and efficient integrated investment and financing services for small and medium-sized enterprises, and achieve real economic industrial chain Competitiveness.

How about falling in love?

Average income: 15.17%

Investment period: January standard (84.4%), February standard (7.4%), etc.

Registered capital: 10 million yuan

Automatic bidding: support

Transfer of creditor's rights: non-transferable

Funding: no hosting

Bid protection: Guaranteed interest

Safeguard mode: platform advancement

Guarantee institution: no introduction

Business Type: Personal Credit Loan (50%), Car Loan (50%)

Fall in love with the loan fee description

Management fee: none

Recharge fee: none

Interest management fee: no

Withdrawal fee: 2 yuan per pen, 2 yuan per pen, the user will charge 1% of the fee within 15 days from the date of recharge (including 15 days), and the fee will be refunded after 15 days of recharge.

VIP fee: None (100% unconditional compensation within 24 hours of VIP principal and interest)

Transfer of creditor's rights: After the successful transfer of the creditor's rights, the Aid Loan Platform will charge the transferee a certain percentage of the credit transaction fee. The platform will charge the credit transaction fee of 1% of the value of each transaction's credit, and less than 1 yuan. After the success of the creditor's rights transaction, the relevant expenses are immediately deducted from the transaction amount of the creditor's transferor.

Payment method: debit card payment, credit card payment

Love the platform of the loan platform

Investors with idle funds can find and identify qualified business owners with funds through the P2P financial information service platform, and obtain higher returns than deposits to banks.

The business owners with capital needs can complete the loan application, view the progress and return the loan only by clicking the mouse to input relevant information on the P2P financial information service platform, which greatly improves the financing efficiency of the business owner.


The information comes from the platform's official website. The 360 ​​does not make investment advice. The market is risky and investment needs to be cautious.