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Fall in love with financial management

Falling in love with financial management is the Internet financial intermediary service platform of Sichuan Aizhi Finance Electronics Co., Ltd., which was officially launched on November 4, 2013. Committed to helping borrowers find funds to help investors increase their wealth.

Fall in love with the official website

In love with financial management ( as one of the Internet financial intermediary service platforms, under the leadership of a professional team proficient in financial management, Internet technology, policies and regulations, risk control, on the one hand for small, medium and small enterprises Reasonable and fast financing services, on the other hand, provide investors with high-yield, low-risk, easy-to-fund and innovative online investment and wealth management services, and are committed to creating a stable, safe, efficient, transparent and common investment for investors. Win the real online lending service platform.

How about falling in love with financial management?

Average income: 16.32%

Investment period: 4-6 months (29.3%), March standard (28.7%), etc.

Registered capital: 20 million yuan

Automatic bidding: support

Transfer of creditor's rights: at any time

Funding: no hosting

Bid protection: 100% principal and interest protection

Safeguard model: risk reserve, risk reserve (5 million yuan)

Guarantee institution: no introduction

Business type: car loan (75%), mortgage (25%)

Fall in love with financial security

1. According to the official website of the platform, I fell in love with financial management and prepared 5 million risk reserves to protect the interests of investors. However, the platform has no introduction about third-party custodians.

2. The platform technology is developed and maintained by Shenzhen Jiake Software Technology Co., Ltd. with high stability.

3. Project information disclosure is relatively vague, and investors can go to the official website to understand the specific situation.

Fall in love with financial management fees

Management fee: 10% (10% of the interest charged as the interest management fee.)

Recharge fee: 0 (online recharge: free of charge. Offline recharge: more than 10,000 yuan (inclusive), rewards 0.1% of the recharge amount.)

Withdrawal fee: 0 (normal bidding (except for creditor's rights transfer) withdrawal withdrawal is free (0.8% commission fee is charged within 30 days of new recharge not bidding or investment credit only).)

VIP fee: 120 yuan / year (120 yuan / year, the current website activities recharge full of one thousand VIPs for one year, the specific event deadline, please consult the official website customer service.)

Transfer fee: 1% (accept 1% ​​of the transaction price, paid by the transferor. No charge is not charged.)

Payment method: debit card payment, credit card payment, offline recharge (with reward)


The information comes from the platform's official website. The 360 ​​does not make investment advice. The market is risky and investment needs to be cautious.