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Love investment finance

Aitou Finance strictly abides by the norms and requirements of the national financial policy and the Internet finance industry, and builds a safe, standardized and transparent Internet financial platform for both investment users and borrowers.

Is love investment financial credible?

Average income: 19.2%

Investment period: January standard (40.0%), March standard (20.0%)

Registered capital: 50 million yuan

Automatic bidding: not supported

Transfer of creditor's rights: non-transferable

Fund custody: user fund custody Custody agency for Sina payment, user funds depository Custody agency for Sina payment

Bid protection: principal protection

Safeguard model: small loan company, financial leasing, P2P, risk reserve (30 million yuan)

Guarantee institution: no introduction

Business type: personal credit loan (20%), consumer finance (10%), car loan (10%), mortgage (60%)

Is it safe to invest in financial management?

1. From the official website of the platform, the fund custody of Aitou Finance is secured by Sina.

2. The user's principal deduction and income payment can only be realized by the bank account that the user has bound and authenticated in the financial investment.

3. Aitou Financial Platform wealth management products include novices, mortgages, credits, plans, etc. Product information disclosure is relatively clear, but the relevant qualifications are relatively vague, investors can go to the official website to understand.

4. The Aitou financial management platform adopts the VerSignSSL certificate (256 bits) and adopts 7x24 hours of system monitoring, so that customers can automatically encrypt information when performing personal account management, recharge and other operations involving sensitive information, ensuring data transmission is safe and reliable.

Shanghai Love Investment Finance

Established in 2011, Shanghai Aitou Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest Internet finance companies engaged in online lending services in China. Since its establishment, Aidin Finance has become a three-in-one Internet finance company with website, love investment financial app and WeChat public account. platform. Under the leadership of the core management team, we are committed to using Internet technology to combine traditional financial theories to provide simple, transparent and comprehensive investment, lending, and wealth management information services to the general public through financial innovation, and to promote the development and innovation of inclusive finance.

Love investment financial management steps

1. Enter the home page of the investment financial platform to complete registration and real-name certification.

2. Enter your personal account to recharge.

3. Invest according to the individual's financial time planning and the requirements of the income to select the appropriate target.

4. Earn income at maturity.


The information comes from the platform's official website. The 360 ​​does not make investment advice. The market is risky and investment needs to be cautious.