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What is the accumulative rule of Beijing Bank credit card points?

1,credit cardThe accumulated points for consumption, one point for every 20 yuan / 2 dollars for a single consumption, the points are permanently valid. Points cannot be combined with others. (The deposit is credited to the card, and the points accumulation rules are the same);

2. AE Express Card Points, Car Card Points, Jiuyou Card Points, Happy Card Points, World of Warcraft Card Points, FAW Toyota Card Points, QQVIP Card Points, City Card Points and Thinkpad Card Points will be combined in a 1:1 ratio. [CMB credit card] points;

3, the card card, city card credit card accumulation points unchanged: still get 0.5 times of the bonus points, and retain the validity of 3 years; after the merger, customers can check online through the online banking, mobile banking, credit card official APP handheld life channel within six months Invalid points.

4. Airline co-branded credit cards, one consumption per 18 yuan/$2 for a single consumption, and one consumption mileage for each ANA co-branded card for every 20 yuan/$2. The validity period of the mileage is subject to the announcement of the partner.

5. Basic points for customers to use Longka credit card, 1 point for every RMB 1 spent (holding Shanghai Volkswagen Dragon Card consumption, RMB 1000 yuan for 6 points); for every dollar spent, 10 points before April 16, 2010 (holding Shanghai Volkswagen Dragon Card consumption, US dollar 100 yuan 6 points), from April 16, 2010, 7 points (holding Shanghai Volkswagen Dragon Card consumption, US dollar 100 yuan 4.2 points); with a European travel card consumption 1 euro 9 points. ChinaConstruction bankThe right to adjust the integral accumulation rule, including but not limited to the integral calculation method and the cumulative ratio.

6. The installment payment is based on the monthly accumulated amount of the accumulated principal amount, 1 yuan of 1 yuan, accumulated month by month. After the successful application for the consumer installment, China Construction Bank will deduct the points previously obtained through this transaction, and the corresponding points will be returned when the installment principal is recorded in each period.