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Home mortgage interest rate

Home mortgage interest rate

1. The central bank's benchmark interest rate is 4.35% for June-1 (including 1 year), 4.75% for 1-5 years (including 5 years), and 4.90% for 5-30 years (including 30 years). Refers to the ratio of the amount of interest to the principal amount during the term of the loan. China's interest rates are managed by the People's Bank of China, and the interest rates determined by the People's Bank of China are implemented after approval by the State Council.

2. According to the current regulations, the floating limit of the loan interest rate of urban and rural credit cooperatives is 2.3 times of the benchmark interest rate, and the lower limit is 0.9 times of the benchmark interest rate. The ceiling of the RMB loan interest rate of other financial institutions was released, and the floating limit was 0.9 times the benchmark interest rate.

3. The Notice of the Central Bank and the China Banking Regulatory Commission on the Issues Concerning the Improvement of the Differential Housing Credit Policy clearly stated that commercial banks should strengthen the management of consumer loans and prohibit the use of housing. Under the series of supervision "heavy hammer", all banks have tightened the auditing standards for personal consumption loans. A head of the joint-stock bank Guangzhou Branch told reporters that the bank's mortgage interest rate has risen by 20%, and it is expected that other bank loan interest rates will be raised.

4. The four major banks raised the mortgage interest rate by 15% on the benchmark level, while some joint-stock banks rose 10% on the benchmark interest rate. However, the joint-stock bank personal loan manager told reporters that it is difficult to raise the loan by 10%. Application. The central bank raised interest rates at the end of the year, and the mortgage interest rate of mortgage loans has risen by 0.25 basis points. It is expected that the interest rate of personal consumption loans will further increase this year. The loan cost of customers will increase by 10% compared with the rate hike.

Home mortgage conditions

1. The real estate and loan handling agencies used for mortgages must be located in the same city, and personal consumption loans do not accept off-site collateral. If the collateral is a commercial house, it must also meet the corresponding requirements of the personal commercial housing loan for the collateral;

2. The property right certificate has been completed, the property rights are clear, the company can be listed and circulated, and the mortgage registration can be handled according to law, and there is no unfavorable situation such as property rights disputes;

3, with strong liquidity, real estate structure is intact, water, electricity, environmental protection traffic, urban construction, property management and other supporting facilities and services are complete, there are no disputes and problems, not within the planned demolition scope of the government;

4. To evaluate the real estate with a present value of less than 100,000 yuan (including), and not accept the mortgage;

5, the age of the house (refers to the number of years of completion of the property) in more than 20 years (including) of the property, in principle, does not accept mortgage;

6. The collateral must be evaluated by a professional evaluation agency accredited by the bank.

7. Other conditions stipulated by the bank.

Home mortgage rates for the four major banks

1. Bank of China: According to the length of the loan period, according to the corresponding grade loan interest rate announced by the People's Bank of China.

Loans within six months (including 6 months) 4.60%

6 months to one year (including 1 year) loan 4.60%

One to three years (including 3 years) loan 5.00%

Three to five years (including 5 years) loan 5.00%

More than five years of loans 5.15%

2. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China: 10% increase in interest rate benchmark

Loans within six months (including 6 months) 4.86%

6 months to one year (including 1 year) loan 5.31%

One to three years (including 3 years) loans 5.4%

Three to five years (including 5 years) loan 5.76%

More than five years of loansAnnual interest rateIs 5.94%

3. Agricultural Bank of China: 5%-20% increase in interest rate benchmark

Loan within 6 months (including 6 months) 4.35%

6 months to one year (including 1 year) loan 4.35%

One to three years (including 3 years) loan 4.5%

Three to five years (including 5 years) loan 4.75%

The annual interest rate of loans over five years is 4.9%

4. China Construction Bank: 20% interest rate benchmark

Loans within six months (including 6 months) 6.1%

6 months to one year (including 1 year) loan 6.56%

One to three years (including 3 years) loan 6.65%

Three to five years (including 5 years) loans 6.9%

The annual interest rate of loans over five years is 7.05%

How to choose the right bank

1. Compare loan conditions

For home mortgage loans, banks must not only see whether the house meets the requirements, but also have more requirements for the borrower's qualifications, such as credit status and personal income. In a loan company, applying for a mortgage is mainly based on the fact that the value of the home is not high and whether it has the ability to cash. Poor credit conditions, borrowers with liabilities, as long as they can provide eligible housing for mortgage, they can generally lend to the loan company.

2. Compare loan interest rates

Home mortgages are less risky than credit loans because of the housing as a guarantee for bank lending. However, the interest rates of mortgage-backed products of various banks are currently different. Specifically, the regions and banks will be different. Even if the same bank, the loan interest rate will be different in different regions.

3. Compare approval speed

The mortgage bank has a lot of processes, and the approval is very slow. It takes about 20 working days to get the loan. The loan company has simple procedures and quick approval, and usually gets the loan within 10 working days.

4, compareLoan amount

Generally speaking,Home mortgage bank loanThe maximum amount is related to the assessed value, and the maximum cannot exceed 70%. This is true for both banks and microfinance companies. In the actual approval, the loan company is relatively loose. The same borrower, the amount approved in the bank may not be as high as the loan company.