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Will credit card cancellation affect credit history?

credit cardToo much is not only difficult to manage, but also prone to overdue. Many people think of canceling credit cards, but if the cancellation posture is incorrect, it may affect the credit history.

1. If the annual fee is not enough, the card will be sold.

The annual fee reduction policies of different banks are different. Under normal circumstances, credit cards need to be swiped for a certain number of times (for example, most of them are 6 times), and the consumption reaches a certain amount before the annual fee can be waived.

Such as China Merchants BankYOUNG cardYou need to brush 6 times to reduce the annual fee. If the credit card is cancelled after 5 times of swiping, the annual fee is equivalent to unpaid, and then a bad record is left.

2. There are still outstanding debts in the credit card.

Before the cancellation, we generally need to check whether there are still arrears in the credit card. However, there are several cases where the bill cannot be seen. It is easy to think that the debt has been paid off, and the actual due to the outstanding balance is overdue.

(1) Management fee. For example, SMS notification fees, some banks are not deducted in advance, but the final deduction, will not be reflected in the credit card bill in the middle of the time.

(2) Cash withdrawal interest. If there is cash withdrawal, if only the bill is repaid before the cancellation, some of the interest will not be paid off, but it will not be reflected in the bill. If the card is cancelled during this period, it is easy to cause a bad record.

The correct posture for canceling the credit card is: first confirm the annual fee reduction, and then deposit a part of the money, ten or twenty can be used to offset the expenses that may occur.

40 days after the cancellation, call the bank customer service to confirm whether the cancellation is successful, so as not to cancel the successful operation for special reasons, and leave a bad record for yourself.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that for a credit card that is used well and has no overdue records, the card is sold without a balance on the card, which has no effect on the individual's credit history. If it is the cardholder's card process, it is overdue.Bad credit historyOr when the card is sold, if there is a situation where the arrears are not paid off on the card,Personal credit historyIt is influential.

For a credit card that has left a bad record, it is impossible to erase the bad record by selling the card, and the correct method continues to use the card normally, and the old credit record is used to cover the old bad credit record in the future.