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What is the credit card processing process of Baoshang Bank?

One,Baoshang BankCredit card online application process:
1. Web search for merchant banks, found on the pageCredit card applicationAnd choose a credit card type;
2. Fill in the corresponding information points indicated by the application;
Second, warm tips
 There will be a reminder when applying, the credit card applied online must goBank outletActivation, not through telephone customer service, etc. The following are related knowledge of bank activation:
1, with ID card, copy ID card, (front and back), credit card letter. ;
2. Copying the front of the credit card;
3. Fill in the application guarantee and signature date after the credit card letter (copy according to the instructions);
4. The counter staff will ask you to submit the original ID card and credit card, as well as a copy and enter the password twice (six digits);
5. The credit card information will be sent to the client to check the signature, and then the electronic verification will be performed again. After the error, press the display: Confirm, the activation is successful.