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Can I buy an interest-free loan?

Questioner: @a.*** City: National Label: Buy a car loan Question Time: 2017-11-12 14:06
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  • Manager Chen Credit manager Service area: Luoyang Service organization: Ping An Puhui
    2017-11-14 20:56
            Rarely, if it is, it is also a best seller.
  • Manager Zhao Credit manager Service area: Shijiazhuang Service organization: Thousands of wealth
    2017-11-17 11:54
            Have such a business
  •             Enthusiastic friends
    2017-11-13 15:34
            Buying a car can be interest-freeloanCar dealers offer zero down payment and zero interest rate car purchases. It is not a free lunch, but a way of promotion. In fact, this move by car dealers is not much different from the price reduction of cars. The car dealers introduced zero down payment, but divided the down payment into several monthly installments. It doesn't seem to make you a one-time payment, but in fact you don't pay less. It is just the bank that collects the money, not the car dealership, and also adds some interest. This is especially true for zero interest rates. Buying a car in a car dealership seems to pay less than one or three years of interest, but you have to pay the price. General zero down paymentCar loanThe loan applicant is required to mortgage the property, which means that the applicant must have a house title certificate under his/her name. If you can't mortgage the property, you need to pay 30% down payment, and then pay in 3 years.
  •             Enthusiastic friends
    2017-11-13 18:21
            Buying a car can be an interest-free loan.Car loanInterest-free is no interest or no interest within the specified time, zero down payment, zero interest car purchase, mainly for slow-moving models or inventory cars, hot models can not enjoy such a policy. Zero interest is actually the offset of the car price. When adopting the zero interest rate policy, consumers will not be able to enjoy the price concessions of the model. The products that are presented with the steering wheel cover, seat cushion, reversing radar and sunshade film are not available for free. In addition, consumersLoan car purchaseWhen you buy a car damage insurance, burglary insurance, commercial three-person insurance, strong insurance, no deductible and other insurance, you can not buy it yourself, but need to buy through the car dealer. In fact, consumers get benefits from zero interest rates, but other benefits complement the merchant's interest losses.
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